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Get the book that inspired this whole blog and a movement!

Heart and Soul Pieces was originally a book that I wrote very slowly and compiled very meticulously and released with lots of trepidation. But, I am so glad I did it because

a) I got emails and messages from readers who told me the impact it had on their lives, how it facilitated healing and spiritual awakening for them at deep levels and continues to do so.

b) It forced me to DO IT, take action, feel that fear and anxiety and proceed anyway. It caused a major shift in so many areas of my life. The Universe responds to inspired action!

c) The book went on to become a #1 Release in TWO categories (hellz yasss) on and stayed there for over two weeks. So, yeah, that made me pretty happy. 

Consider this your official invitation to take a deeper journey into your truest self by ordering a copy of Heart and Soul Pieces and diving right in. Get it here.