Mystic. Healer. Author. Delfina Alden


Hey! Hi! I'm Delfina and I am so glad you made it over to my blog/confessional/sacred little spot on the inter-webs. Welcome to this little haven. I'm a mystic, healer, intuitive, speaker, best-selling author blah blah blah and now blogger. Honestly, I've desperately wanted to create this space for a really long time but was kinda chicken shit about it for what seems like decades (it wasn't really decades, I'm not THAT old!). I worked through that fear and decided that even if it's scary af to share some of my deepest thoughts freely in this way, if it helps me and you connect to each other in a deeper way then it's totally worth it. So, here we are; welcome to my heart and soul pieces.

What is this blog about?

This is a conversation which is partly confessional, mostly motivational, and always inspirational. This blog is a combination of a sacred, mystical journey into the deepest parts of the human experience, a spiritual awakening to your most divine self.

We feature spiritual teaching and advice along with mystic lifestyle guidance, healing rituals, my art and poetry, and a weekly travel series featuring soul nourishing, spirit awakening, wholeness restoring hot spots that you can in essence it's a very special type of travel blog too.

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